Naše alba Spas! a Kdo žere psy? můžete zakoupit na stránkách Indies MG.

Invitation to the launch of our new album

Three years after successful debut Spas! we are back with a new album called Who Eats Dogs? Come to its launch and listen to the new songs to the Archa Theatre on June 21st. You will see our Chinese singer Jing Lu, Kurdish singer and oud player Miran Kasem, singer and ukulele player Philipp Schenker from Switzerland, Armenian accordionist Gugar Manukjan and many new musicians (Kryštof Verner, Lukáš Mičko, Ondřej Komárek, Tomáš Hendrych, Tomáš Kerle, Marek Hrubý, Jiří Blažek, Richard Fiala). The song Children's Dreams features three twelve-year-old Roma boys from Ústí nad Labem – Marek Baláž, Patrik Gorol and Milan Makula – who rap their own poetry. Other special guests on the album include Ondřej Smeykal (didgeridoo), Jaryn Janek (contrabass),Tiny Beat (beatbox) and Jan Neruda (oud).

Čeština  English

The Allstar Refjúdží Band is a group of musicians from various cultures, religious backgrounds and political perspectives. The Allstar Refjúdží Band combines brass band, ethno, ska, rap, klezmer, Dixieland, Chinese opera, and Armenian and Kurdish rhythms into one pot.