Naše alba Spas! a Kdo žere psy? můžete zakoupit na stránkách Indies MG.

Music of ASRB

The music of ASRB is comprised of original compositions and traditional and popular songs with new arrangements. The music is inspired by a variety of folk and popular traditions - Chinese, Kurdish, Central and Eastern European and brass band music from New Orleans - but is contemporary in its form. It reflects the different cultural and ethnic backgrounds of the band members but strives to be an expression of their present reality. The lyrics of the songs are a combination of original texts by band members and associates of the band, and poems and writings  that lend themselves to the group's themes of voluntary and involuntary migration, human rights, racism and nationalism. They are sometimes personal and sometimes thematic and sometimes a combination of the two. A driving beat with instrumental arrangements for brass, woodwinds, strings and accordion is the basis for songs sung in five different languages.

In 2009 the first album called Spas! was released at Indies MG.

The new album Who eats dogs? which was released on June 21, 2012, features several new band members, such as Lukáš Mičko (guitar) and Kryštof Verner (trumpet). Jing Lu, who among other things has adopted the so-called male voice of Beijing opera, lends the album a special flavour. The song Children's Dreams features three beatboxers from Ústí nad Labem (Marek Baláž, Patrik Gorol and Milan Makula), who rap their own poetry. Other special guests on the album include Ondřej Smeykal (didgeridoo), Jan Neruda (oud), Jaryn Janek (contrabass) and Tiny Beat (beatbox).

You can buy both CDs at the cash desk of the Archa Theatre, after the concerts of the band and in the Indies MG distrubution.



Čeština  English

The Allstar Refjúdží Band is a group of musicians from various cultures, religious backgrounds and political perspectives. The Allstar Refjúdží Band combines brass band, ethno, ska, rap, klezmer, Dixieland, Chinese opera, and Armenian and Kurdish rhythms into one pot.