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New blood

Following intensive auditions in February with band master Michael Romanyshyn the Allstar Refjúdží Band has added several new players to its wind and bass sections. The new additions include contrabassist, music teacher and musicologist Ondřej Komárek, saxophonist Anežka Urbanová, who started out in the gypsy band Cidži Renta when she was 14, as well as trumpet player Kryštof Verner, a former member of Green Smatroll who now works as an editor and photographer for Fřesh Fľesh Mag. You can check out the band's innovative repertoire and new members – like trombone player, film lover and gourmet Marek Hrubý, saxophonist and member of ska band Basta Fidel Tomáš Hendrych and FrantišekTouška – on March 28 at the Archa Theatre.

Čeština  English

The Allstar Refjúdží Band is a group of musicians from various cultures, religious backgrounds and political perspectives. The Allstar Refjúdží Band combines brass band, ethno, ska, rap, klezmer, Dixieland, Chinese opera, and Armenian and Kurdish rhythms into one pot.