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We are looking for new members

The Allstar Refjudzi Band is looking for new members. Guitar, accordion, tuba, trombone, percussion. Other players of brass, woodwind and stringed instruments are welcome to try out! We are an international band composing and playing original music confronting nationalism, racism, immigration conflicts and cultural upheavals. We promote civil transformation. Our music is expressed in ballads and songs. We are traditional and untraditional, experimental and open.

New musicians must be open to working in a variety of settings and with musicians and non-musicians of varied backgrounds. In addition to concerts, workshops and music for theater, we also perform shows and play in the street. The Allstar Refjudzi Band is a project of Archa Theatre and directed by Michael Romanyshyn.

We invite musicians for the workshop, which will take place in Prague on March 15, from 10 am to 4 pm. If you are interested, please contact our production manager until February 29, 2012. Petra Čechová : Tato emailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty, abyste ji viděli, povolte JavaScript .

Čeština  English

The Allstar Refjúdží Band is a group of musicians from various cultures, religious backgrounds and political perspectives. The Allstar Refjúdží Band combines brass band, ethno, ska, rap, klezmer, Dixieland, Chinese opera, and Armenian and Kurdish rhythms into one pot.