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New site specific project Walk with me

Site specific project for the Akcent Festival

Personal experience on the subject of loneliness, pointlessness and hope

A voice in your mp3 player will take you to the other side of the Vltava River. The Walk with Me project allows you a glimpse of the world of Vietnamese stallholders at the Prague market. This happening at the Prague market is based on the personal experience of every participant!

Concept: Jana Svobodová, Philipp Schenker, Petra Čechová, Jan Středa, Nina Rutová
With many thanks to: Tan, Luboš and  Dana Haranzovi

Dance Through the Fence back in Archa Theatre

A theatrical mosaic which tells the real stories of refugees from Chechnya, Burma, Georgia and Kurdistan accompanied by the Allstar Refugee Band. Dance Through the Fence is scheduled for June 21, 2011 at 20:00 in Archa Theatre. With English subtitles!

more information here.

Allstar Refjúdží Band returns from triumphant tour of Holland

The Allstar Refjúdží Band capped its first big foreign tour on Sunday with a concert at the closing ceremonies of the International Community Arts Festival in Rotterdam, where their tour of Dutch cities began. In addition to two concerts in Rotterdam, the Allstar Refjúdží Band played at the Mondiaal Centre in Haarlem, the Muziek XXI Centre in Utrecht and in the recently opened Korzo Theatre in The Hague, where in addition to an evening concert the band also played in the afternoon for the workers to celebrate the end of the theatre's reconstruction.

Audiences reacted enthusiastically in all of the clubs where the band performed. In Rotterdam, the trio of lead vocalists, Philipp Schenker, Jing Lu and Miran Kasem, had the audience dancing almost from the first set. At the small club in Haarlem almost everyone bought a CD and the atmosphere was enlivened by the presence of Miran Kasem's relatives. In The Hague, the band bewildered the fantastic technical facilities of the new theatre as well as the two-metre tall Dutch fans. In the Muziek XXI Centre in Utrecht, where the acoustic conditions were so good that the concert was recorded, the audience included many professional musicians who also participated in an afternoon discussion panel with the artistic director of the Archa Theatre Ondřej Hrab, the band master of the Allstar Refjúdží Band Michael Romanyshyn, and Jana Svobodová, the co-founder of the band and its artistic director.

The band played six great concerts over five days, featuring not only hits from its first album SPAS!, but also brand new songs that were exciting for foreign audiences. The ASRB hopes that it will have just as much success at the upcoming summer festivals in the Czech Republic.

The Dutch tour featured: Miran Kasem (lute, vocals), Philipp Schenker (clarinet, vocals), Jing Lu (violin, vocals), Gugar Manukjan (accordion), Lenka Dundrová (drums), Michael Romanyshyn (clarinet), Ondřej Milt (bass clarinet), Ondřej Komárek (contrabass), Kryštof Verner (trumpet), Anežka Urbanová (saxophone), Jana Svobodová (saxophone)

The Dutch tour was supported by the Czech Centre in The Hague and by Mr. Bessel Kok.

New blood

Following intensive auditions in February with band master Michael Romanyshyn the Allstar Refjúdží Band has added several new players to its wind and bass sections. The new additions include contrabassist, music teacher and musicologist Ondřej Komárek, saxophonist Anežka Urbanová, who started out in the gypsy band Cidži Renta when she was 14, as well as trumpet player Kryštof Verner, a former member of Green Smatroll who now works as an editor and photographer for Fřesh Fľesh Mag. You can check out the band's innovative repertoire and new members – like trombone player, film lover and gourmet Marek Hrubý, saxophonist and member of ska band Basta Fidel Tomáš Hendrych and FrantišekTouška – on March 28 at the Archa Theatre.

ASRB at the One World Film Festival

The Allstar Refjúdží Band is protecting one of the "beavers" which visitors to the festival are filling in at the One World festival of human rights films. At the Municipal Library you can graduate with a Brave Migrant Beaver and learn how new arrivals feel when they have to fill in a form in a foreign language. Forms in Chinese, Bulgarian and Ukrainian were prepared by ASRB singer Jing Lu and other volunteers. Find out more about the beavers at the One Word website. But that's not all for the Allstar Refjúdží Band at the festival. On March 25 the band will open the One World Festival at the Municipal Library in Nový Bor.

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The Allstar Refjúdží Band is a group of musicians from various cultures, religious backgrounds and political perspectives. The Allstar Refjúdží Band combines brass band, ethno, ska, rap, klezmer, Dixieland, Chinese opera, and Armenian and Kurdish rhythms into one pot.